History of the club

1948 – Verne Gagne was the first Minnesotan to make a US Olympic team. Henry Wittenberg defeated Verne in a controversial referees decision and went on to win the gold medal and be enshrined in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. The selection process at that time made the freestyle runner up the Greco Roman representative. The team went to London on an ocean liner and trained Onboard the ship. When the team arrived in London, the coaching staff decided that the Greco Roman team would not be competitive and would not let the athletes compete. Verne is still mad about that decision. As a professional wrestler, Gagne became famous around the world as a scientific wrestler and inspired several generations of Minnesotans to try amateur wrestling.
1956 – Alan Rice was the first Minnesotan to compete in the Olympic games. Alan placed 5th in Greco Roman at the Melborne Games. When he retired from competition, Al was the driving force in starting the Minnesota Amateur Wrestling club. He also served as the head coach of the 1972 Greco Roman Olympic team in Munich. Alan is a distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. In May of 2007 the Alan and Gloria Rice Wrestling room will be dedicated at Augsburg College in Si Melby Hall.
1968 – In 1968, three Minnesotans made the U.S. Greco Roman Olympic team and competed in Mexico City. Dave Hazewinkle, Jim Hazewinkle and Larry Lyden went on to win many national championships during the ensuing decade.
1972 – Dave and Jim Hazewinkle won berths on their second Olympic Team and were joined in Munich by Gary Neist. Dave Hazewinkle won two World Championship medals (a silver and a bronze in 1969 an 1970) between the 1968 and 1972 Olympics. University of Minnesota Head Coach J Robinson was also on the 1972 Olympic Greco Roman team. Alan Rice was the head coach of the team.
1976 – Six Minnesotans made the 1976 Olympic Greco Roman team and competed in Montreal. Bruce Thompson, Gary Alexander, Pat Marcy, Dan Chandler, Evan Johnson and Brad Rheingans formed the nucleus of Minnesota wrestlers that dominated the national scene through the early 1980’s. Rheingans placed 4th and narrowly missed winning a medal even though he defeated the bronze medalist.
1980 – Four Minnesotans made the 1980 Greco Roman Olympic. Bruce Thompson, Brian Gust, Dan Chandler and Brad Rheingans were unable to compete in Moscow because of a U.S. led boycott of the Olympic games.
1984 – Two Minnesotans made the 1984 U.S. Olympic Greco Roman Wrestling Team. Dan Chandler and Jim Martinez competed in Los Angeles where Martinez won the bronze medal.
1988 – In 1988 John Morgan, Dennis Koslowski, Duane Koslowski and Michael Foy made the U.S. Olympic Greco Roman Team and competed in Seoul, Korea. Dennis Koslowski won the bronze medal.
1992 – In 1992, Dennis Koslowski and Michael Foy each made their second U.S.Olympic Greco Roman team and competed in Barcelona. Koslowski won the silver medal.
1996 – Three Minnesotans made the 1996 U.S. Olympic Greco Roman Team. Brandon Paulson, Dave Zuniga and Gordy Morgan competed in Atlanta. Paulson won the silver medal.
2000 – Garrett Lowney and Quincy Clark made the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team and competed in Sydney. Lowney won the bronze medal.
2004 – Garrett Lowney made the 2004 Olympic Greco Roman Team and competed in Athens.

2008 – Anoka High Schooler Jake Deitchler made the 2008 Olympic Greco Roman Team and competed in Beijing.